Runtime Converter 2.0 Released!

We've released today the Runtime Converter 2.0. Among its main improvements are namespaces support, spring boot, gradle, and maven intergration, and speed improvements. To load up a project, there is no longer any need to download anything. Just type "gradle bootRun" and it will download the runtime libraries + depenencies and compile your project. Additional features are pass-by-reference functions, "variable variables" in the top-level scope, shell exec "backticks" support, namespace import rules support, and basic references support including foreach with "&". There is also a general stability upgrade, where conversions will no longer fail on errors, but continue attempting to provide as

Runtime Converter POC: Google Translate Test

The before/after source code of the first fully working large project conversion has been posted to GitHub at Apart from obtaining and adding Google Developer API keys, the project can be run immediately using "gradle bootRun" command. Here's what it looks like: We'd make a live demo, but there is no visible difference whatsover between the sites. The URL says ".php", but it is really a Tomcat / Spring Boot server running in Java. This example project runs a Google Translate API request twice for the input text - once from en -> ru, and the other from ru -> en. It then shows both results. The code conver

What are Runtime Converter "enterprise support" options?

There have been some questions about the Runtime Converter's enterprise support options, as mentioned on our website. To start off, we don't have a team of developers to do full time work on your project. Any company that is converting PHP to Java will need to hire Java engineers to work on the project after it is converted. We aim to provide a project that "works" out of the box, but there are still many features that need development before that can happen on a large project. What the Runtime Converter offers in terms of "enterprise support" is the ability to do specific work on the converter and assosiated "runtime library" that will save time on the conversion. The project roadmap probab

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