Windows 10 Support

While we don't plan on releasing a special Windows build for the Runtime Converter JNI library, we have tested that the converted code runs just fine on Windows using the WSL (Windows Subystem for Linux) / Bash shell. While there's no need to post an exact guide, we tried it using the default (apt-get) version of gradle and Oracle Java 8, as well as the Ubuntu 16.04 distribution. Just a simple echo "test conversion" was run on our online conversion site We then typed "gradle bootRun" and loaded the servlet in Microsoft's Edge browser. Result (just a simple test): A good Java developer will also know how to setup a debugger to connect to the process running inside the WSL from a

Runtime Converter JNI Updates - Process Forks

At Runtime Converter, we have been working on an update to our JNI library that will significantly increase the reliability and security of applications using our runtime library to access PHP functions. Right now, we are loading a version of PHP into the same process-space as Java. There are two problems with this. First is that even a small bug in PHP or our code interacting with PHP will cause the server to crash. The second problem is that PHP itself is less reliable when used in a multi-threaded environment. PHP was designed at the start to be single-threaded, and afterwards they added the ZTS ("Zend thread support") build time option. In order support threads, they had to go over most

Overview of Microsoft's PHP to ASP.NET Migration Tool

If you look deep enough for php conversion software, you will no doubt find out about Microsoft's "PHP to ASP.NET" migration tool. It is not immediately clear from their website, but the product is deprecated, unsupported, and doesn't even run on any version of Windows except XP. This is because Microsoft's website is a timeless archive of all documents. Unlinke other companies who refactor their website and drop the old links, Microsoft's pages mostly still work. You can find the date "2003" on their docs page for the migration tool. 2003 is an important year for PHP because in 2004, PHP 5.0 was released. PHP 5 introduced new OO features like access modifieres. That means that whatever Micr

What happened to "numiton"???

If you've spent any time searching the web for a "php to java," you are no doubt familiar with the name "numiton". A stackoverflow question concerning it is among the top results, but when you visit their website, it is not there. There is a nice article about it in DZone by its creator, Robert Enyedi, as well as some advanced projects released on SourceForge, like "nBB2", a translation of the popular phpBB forum software. The SourceForge site is still active, but for some reason, the only code released is a binary file. Since the license is listed as GPL, it is fair to run it through a decompiler. Looks pretty advanced, given that the type inferences appear to have been all made. It is not

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