PHPUnit Successful Conversion! [Beta]

We are pleased to announce that the first working version of PHPUnit has been converted using the RuntimeConverter, The project used for testing was the EmailTest shown on the PHPUnit getting started page ( While we know that PHPUnit has more features than this one test, we also know that this is a very significant milestone. PHPUnit makes use of over 582 code files and uses a wide range of PHP language features, including several sub-projects. Just getting PHPUnit to compile was a large task, but it didn't prove anything. Getting it to run and give the same output as PHP over such a large framework (even if only a few tests have been done s

PHPUnit Conversion Progress

If the Runtime Converter hasn't had much news lately, it is because of work on somewhat "large projects" such as converting PHPUnit and Laravel frameworks. We are not so much "converting" these frameworks as we are developing the "ability to convert them" into the Runtime Converter itself. We do, however, expect to release code samples to GitHub when they are ready. It has taken several months to get to where PHPUnit compiles, but there are still some bugs being worked out. Bugs are fixed by running the converted code in IntelliJ and debugging it line-by line until it becomes clear what is going wrong. In some cases, it is necessary to also run a PHP debugger and step through both PHP and Ja

PDO Feature Support

We've recently completed adding full support for PDO to the Runtime Converter library. The library supports all native classes using its Java <-> PHP bridge, but certain features like FETCH_OBJECT and bindParam do not work by default because PHP cannot read Java classes and cannot read Java variables. This has been fixed by adding a subclass that intercepts these calls when needed. For example, when FETCH_CLASS is used, the library requests from PDO the rowset via FETCH_ASSOC, and then creates the proper Java object after PDO has returned. With bindParam, the Java reference is held in a map, and re-bound each time execute is called. PDOStatement::bindValue (non-reference version of bindParam

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