Goto Support

With Runtime Converter version 3.1.1, we will now be supporting the "goto" feature. We've implemented it just because we can and not because anyone actually uses it. The Runtime Converter passed extensive testing without the "goto" feature ever being seen except in some arcane test, and we never thought we'd implement it, but we have. How to implement "goto" in Java While Java has not implemented the "goto" feature in the Java language, it has nevertheless implemented the goto feature in Java bytecode. In fact, the break statement in a loop uses the "goto" bytecode instruction ( By wrapping the code with a goto in an anonymous

Using the Runtime Converter to target Android

The Runtime Converter is designed for converting servers and command line tools, but it can also be useful for Android developers who want to convert PHP code. Java on the server and desktop, provided by Oracle or OpenJDK, and the version of Java provided by Android have only very minor differences. What will work All of your code will convert and compile for Java on Android. You will need to include via gradle (directions below) the runtime converter support library. What will not work Some elements of the support library rely on native code. Native code is not compiled for Android because it is not a major development goal for the Runtime Converter. For example, the function "hexdec" is no

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