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Runtime Converter

PHP -> Java
Automatic code conversion with compatibility runtime library.
Functions and complex algorithm logic
About the Runtime Converter

The Runtime Converter is an advanced "source to source" code converter from PHP to Java. We use a special runtime library in order to be able (in theory) to support the vast majority of PHP language features, including running a web server and a number of its "dynamic" features. We also have a JNI interface with PHP itself which allows access to PHP standard library functions and extensions. We have partnerted with to provide an online conversions website, while larger conversions are negotiated under our "enterprise support" plans. We have converted some small and medium sized projects, which both compile and pass unit tests. We are currently working on testing and developemet with larger ones. Note that our JNI interface is not yet production ready, so after your conversion is successful, you will need to replace PHP internal functions with Java ones. While we don't have 100% support yet of all features, it can still be very useful as a base for converting a very large project to Java.

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