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Other Online Converters (Java, JavaScript, Scala, Python)

At Runtime Converter, we've noticed that Google's search engine does not distinguish between the search terms "php to java" and "java to php", unless you put them in quotes. Further, as you browse the results, you will find that results like "php to javascript converter", "javascript to php converter", and even "java to scala converter" start appearing in the search results.

What that tells us here at Runtime Converter is that these are good terms for our SEO. One way that we think that we might gain a better ranking (after all, we're the best PHP to Java converter available), is by hosting a few of these open source converters.

They're not as well developed as the runtime converter, and don't attempt to do the same thing (to convert large projects and expect them to run), but they are useful to many people.

We've set up the following conversion subdomains:

- JavaScript to PHP Online Converter (

- PHP to JavaScript Online Converter (

- Java to Scala Online Converter (

There's a few more that would be interesting to host, but they don't have web-interfaces in their repositories. We'd have to develop them, but that is a possibility.

All the sites have links to their original GitHub repositories and attributions intact. Here's a few more open source online converters that weren't easily run as a web service:

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