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Laravel Conversion Example Completed!

While no conversion of a project as large as laravel will ever be "completed", we have successfully rendered the welcome screen for the laravel project. Even though the welcome screen is only a small page, rendering it requires exactly 11,028 function calls. The input took 5,140 PHP files and resulted in 11,095 Java source files.

Converting a project with 11,028 function calls is no small task, and the the laravel project used just about every feature of the PHP language - features that your average developer would never dream of using. We just barely got away without needing to develop "eval" and "goto".

The "welcome screen" view itself is rendered with code-generation and we were able to put laravel's code generation cache into the converter to avoid having to evaluate php code at runtime. Nevertheless, developing support for PHP's "eval" feature is a real possibility for the future.

The page rendered using the code converter is indistinguishable from the one generated by PHP. You can browse the converted code at

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