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Laravel Conversion Progress

We have reached a milestone in the conversion of the Laravel framework from PHP to Java. The converted code with no modifications and as a complete project passes Java compilation. This involves approximation 5,600 input source files and a wide range of PHP language features. Additionally, a large number of symbols such as classes, functions, static methods and properties are resolved at the compilation stage.

The first stage in this process was the conversion of the PHPUnit framework, and there were significantly fewer challenges in getting the Laravel framework conversion to compile due to the advances already made for PHPUnit.

Note that we are not converting Laravel as an end in itself, but as a means to convert PHP projects based of Laravel. Currently, we are debugging minor differences that appear at runtime and expect that Laravel will soon render its welcome screen demo in the converted Java. After this, we can proceed to more complicated features and then to converting real projects based on Laravel.

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