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Adding Gradle and Spring Boot

Along with speed improvements and namespaces, the next version of the runtime converter will also feature support for gradle and spring boot. Previous versions created annotated servlet classes to represent php file routes. After conversion, it was up to the user to structure the project files, build and deploy. With version 2.0, we create these same servlet files, but also include a "build.gradle" build file and a Spring Boot "SpringBootApplication" class. As a result, if the conversion was 100% successful, it can be run immediately either as server or CLI tool.

We've created a maven repository to hold the "Runtime Converter Library" dependency, along with its JNI library components for MacOS and Ubuntu. We don't do any special refactoring to take advantage of the Spring framework - its just working as server, but you can certainly use the Spring framework to develop your converted project.

To load a web server from a completed conversion, just install gradle and execute the command:

gradle bootRun

To run a converted project as if it were a PHP CLI script, execute:

gradle -q executeCLI -DruntimeConverterScriptName="/test.php" -DruntimeConverterWorkingPath="/"

Where "/test.php" is the virtual path to your include, and "/" is the virtual working path. You can use the servlet annotations as a reference to the virtual path system, which is based off your uploaded .zip file structure.

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