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Runtime Converter POC: Google Translate Test

The before/after source code of the first fully working large project conversion has been posted to GitHub at Apart from obtaining and adding Google Developer API keys, the project can be run immediately using "gradle bootRun" command.

Here's what it looks like:

We'd make a live demo, but there is no visible difference whatsover between the sites. The URL says ".php", but it is really a Tomcat / Spring Boot server running in Java.

This example project runs a Google Translate API request twice for the input text - once from en -> ru, and the other from ru -> en. It then shows both results.

The code converted includes a wide variety of features, like CURL, inheritance, constructors, globals, etc. It is a little bit old, and so we are working on a larger and more modern project (laravel) as the next example. When it finishes, we will post the before/after source code for that also.

There are many good examples of code, but here is one example from the "Google_Model" class.

In the above code, we see "foreach" loops, method and class property class, array manipulation, and the use of objects as boolean values (a Java coder would know that an object can't be used as a boolean value, but requires != null or some other method to return a boolean).

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